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screen addiction in children
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Practical Ways To Avoid Screen Addiction In Children

screen addiction in children

Screen addiction in children is a disturbing reality of our time. Yet, it’s still something that you can battle with and win against.

Trying to find wholesome, entertaining activities to fill your child’s time is like constantly swimming upstream. As a parent, you fight the neverending battle for your child’s heart and mind. Whatever fills their time will slowly consume their heart. As Matthew 6:21 says, “Where your treasure is, there will your heart be also.” One of the stealthiest opponents that you will battle for your child’s time is the screen.

Computers, tablets, television, and smartphones are a continual and powerful draw for children. Advertising targets them, and the more time they spend in front of screens, the more time they will want to stay there. It is a disheartening and sobering thought that screen addiction in children even exists, but it most certainly does. You can learn more about how to recognize a screen addiction here.

Screen Addiction In Children Starts With Bad Habits

Children between the ages of 5 and 16 have as much as 6.5 hours of screen time every day. Considering a child is usually awake for 14-15 hours in a day, that’s almost half of their waking hours spent in front of screens. Experts recommend only 1-2 hours of screen time each day.

Screen addiction in children is a disturbing reality of our time. Yet, it’s still something that you can battle with and win against. Screens are not “bad”, and they do have their place in children’s lives. Nonetheless, a screen obsession is something that can harm children and needs to be addressed. Hopefully, your child isn’t in the “addicted” category yet, and a few practical tips can help prevent it in the future.

Just as with any other area of life, you cannot merely eliminate screen time and expect that to be the end of your battle. Once children have been exposed to bad habits and are allowed to practice them, then replacement is necessary. Replacing those bad choices with good choices and wholesome activities is the best way to guide your child back in the right direction.

Setting Screen Time Limits

Obviously, step one will be to set some limits in your household. Your kids are probably not going to like this, but adding a few practical solutions will help balance life out again. Set time limits and firmly enforce them. Once your child’s screen time is up, put all devices away. Leaving tablets and phones where they are constantly in sight just tempts children to excessively use them.

Replace Old Habits With New Ones

Your next step is to create an attractive and alluring reading corner. Set up the perfect area for new hobbies. Audio Adventures are the perfect and ideal replacement for excessive screen habits. They capture your child’s attention and hold it while filling their hearts and minds with wholesome stories of noble characters. Your audio adventure nook can contain headphones, beanbags, and soft lighting. Drawing supplies are also a good addition. Asking your child about their drawings, later on, is a great way to encourage this quality activity.

Set Aside A Time Each Day For Audio Adventures

Just as you set limits on screen time, you can also set aside specific time for Audio Adventures. This will help your child to create this new habit, and they will even begin to look forward to it as a welcomed part of their day. Audio Adventures are exciting, interesting, and educational, and they also nurture healthy habits.

Creating Treasured Memories

You can beat screen addiction in children and win the war for their hearts. By creating boundaries and balance in their lives and by introducing them to new, healthier choices, you are setting them up for success. Audio Adventures can become a treasured time that takes root in your child’s life and in their heart. For where their treasure is, their heart will be also.

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Do you have any additional suggestions in mind on how to deal with screen addiction in children? Let us know in the comments below.

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