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screen addiction
Obsessive screen time in kids is becoming a major concern for parents, and screen addiction can lead to developmental and health issues.

Battling Screen Addiction In Kids With Audio Dramas

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screen addiction

Obsessive screen time in kids is becoming a major concern for parents, and screen addiction can lead to developmental and health issues.

Tablets, mobile phones, televisions, and computer screens are overtaking our children’s lives. In fact, almost half of young children own their own tablet. Obsessive screen time in kids is becoming a major concern for parents, and screen addiction can lead to developmental and health issues. Spending more than two hours a day staring at a screen can put kids at risk for:

  • Eye strain and changes in vision
  • Difficulty sleeping
  • Weight gain
  • Irritability
  • Problems paying attention and focusing
  • Difficulty interacting with others
  • Hindered ability to recognize emotions
  • Lower cognitive brain connections

The time spent in front of a screen is not merely causing these problems in children. It is replacing other valuable activities that kids need to be healthy. Replacing healthy activities with unhealthy ones just compounds the growing problem even further. With already busy schedules, little time is left in a child’s day for exercise, creative play, and family time.

Tablets Are Not The Problem

But the answer to combating a screen addiction in kids may not be as simple as ditching your tablets for good. Notably, you can put your child’s tablet to far better use while also limiting screen time even more. How is this possible? Through the use of audio dramas!

Audio Dramas Can Reverse The Effects Of Screen Addiction In Kids

Audio dramas have the exact opposite effect on a child’s development and ability to learn that screen addiction has on it. There are many positive benefits with audio dramas, especially when they are replacing screen time. The advantages of audio dramas for your child are:

  • Increases ability to focus
  • Encourages social engagement and communication
  • Teaches empathy
  • Helps your child fall asleep easier
  • Better retention of learned concepts
  • Nurtures creativity

Creativity Is A Necessary Life Skill

Author and scientific researcher Brené Brown defines creativity as “The power to connect the seemingly unconnected.” Creativity in life is not just about art and music. The skills needed for problem-solving, deductive reasoning, and a host of social and psychological skills are all rooted in the ability to be creative. Particularly, audio dramas foster creativity through the use of quality literature.

Most screen-related activities require little original thinking on a child’s part. When a child plays with an app, they are simply reacting to what is placed in front of them. Yet, this differs greatly from creative thinking. Videos entertain but still require little imagination and focused thinking on the part of the child.

Audio Dramas Engage Kids

Audio dramas, on the other hand, keep your child engaged. When they play apps on a tablet or watch videos, your child’s mind quickly moves on to the next activity as soon as they put the tablet down. The great thing about audio dramas is that as children finish listening to each segment, the engagement doesn’t end.

Audio Dramas Inspire Kids

Furthermore, audio dramas impact your child’s thinking and behavior. Children exposed to rich, classic literature, and stories of noble heroes are more inspired. Moreover, audio dramas motivate kids to communicate with others by talking about the lessons that they have learned. They are inspired to think about their own choices and they begin to feel a sense of empathy and purpose for the world around them.

Using Screens Properly Instead Of Ditching Them

Your child’s tablet, phone, or computer can be a valuable tool in making audio dramas a regular part of their life. They no longer need to waste time by staring at a screen that is going to do all of the work for them. Instead, they can use their devices to listen to stories that are going to engage and spark them to live a greater life.

No matter what electronic device your child has, you can use it to listen to audio dramas. You can play the mp3 files of an audio drama from any of your devices. Also, you can stream audio adventures online.

Engage, Inspire, Create, And Combat Screen Addiction All At Once

More and more, we are placing our children’s brains on auto-pilot. Kids need to think, imagine, create, and be inspired. In summary, you can combat screen addiction in your kids by replacing some of that screen time with wholesome audio dramas.

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What are your thoughts on battling screen addiction in kids with audio dramas? Let us know in the comments below.

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