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How Parents Can Use The Cat Of Bubastes For Worldview Training

Who is G.A. Henty? GA Henty was a prolific writer of the 1800’s. People remember him for his family-friendly historical stories of great excitement. Initially, the Cat of Bubastes, first published in 1889 intended as a fun children’s story. It teaches of a young prince who becomes a slave when the Egyptians conquer his people. We can all remember other ...

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God’s Universe And Reviewing Movies

god's universe

The First Question   As we watch any movie, we ought to ask ourselves, is this story set in God’s universe? The issue here isn’t realism as such. God approves of fiction and fantasy. Furthermore, we can cite Jotham’s story in the Book of Judges. The young man Jotham tells a story about talking trees who decide to make themselves ...

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Alfred’s Wisdom Came From The Fear Of The Lord

fear of the lord

Wisdom is rooted in the fear of the Lord. We must understand that God rules the universe and that we don’t. We must take God very seriously. Moreover, we must reverence and honor Him. We must listen to His word and obey it. Alfred understood this. Even as a young boy, Alfred realized how important it was for him to ...

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3 Ways Audio Learning Can Improve Your Child’s Grades

audio learning

Over the years, we have lost our love for audio learning. Today, people choose to consume information through countless channels. Audio, sadly, has been left behind. Yet it appears that audio might be making a comeback. Podcasts are rising in popularity once again. Why? In today’s culture, we have adopted the “now” mentality. Our time is invaluable, and listening to ...

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Sir Francis Drake And Worldview Training

sir francis drake

Heirloom Audio Productions has a mission to bring real history to life without the sanitization of secularists who have removed God’s providence from the narratives. The mission of the Audio Adventures is to engage our listener’s imagination by taking them back in time and immersing them in the story. The production Under Drake’s Flag takes the listener through a two-part ...

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7 Clever Ways To Teach Kids A Good Work Ethic

Believe it or not, children as young as two years old can begin contributing to work around the house and homestead, and there are a lot of good reasons to get started this early. Giving children tasks inside and outside the home will support their learning and development and give them practical skills. As they contribute, they will gain confidence ...

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7 Places To Create Your Own Extraordinary Family Adventure This Summer

family adventure

Ready for your own family adventure? Want to make history come alive this summer for your family?  Check out these 7 places to visit!  Listen to your favorite G.A. Henty audio adventures as you travel with your family to create your own “extraordinary adventures”!  Create fun family memories that will last a lifetime!   Gettysburg, PA Touted as a turning ...

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Faith Comes By Hearing And Audio Learning Can Help

As parents, it is our responsibility, or as some view it, our privilege, to guide our children in the way that they should go. It is a constant and tireless endeavor, but one that we are greatly rewarded for accomplishing. Children’s minds are like sponges, eager to take in every bit of knowledge placed before them. It is so important ...

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Public School Shootings Force Many To Consider Home-Schooling


There are many reasons parents consider home-schooling their children. They can have more control over their children’s curriculum and spend more time together as a family. They can also offer an individualized learning environment for their kids. Now you can add keeping children safe to that list. Home-Schooling Numbers Are Growing Several states are reporting an increase in home-schooling in ...

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