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The purpose of this website and accompanying newsletter is to bring Christian history to life through news, articles, and lessons that encourage parents and their children to see history as God’s providential handiwork. Beloved author G.A. Henty certainly saw the world though these eyes. That’s why much of our content and reference points will be centered around his adventure stories.

The name of our newsletter, Live The Adventure, reflects our desire to see the Christian faith lived out as an adventure. God’s people do indeed have a calling to live boldly. Unfortunately, what’s no longer recognized in America is that the foundation for living boldly is God’s providence.

Bill Heid navigating the Golden Hinde!

At Live The Adventure we are excited about the opportunity to share exciting Christian history with you and your family. As we see it… Christian history has many uses for parents and families. Here are just a few:

History demonstrates God’s Sovereignty: We think history is a great testimony to the providential faithfulness of God.

History is Christ-centered: Our view of history sees “in the fullness of time God sent his son” as the pivotal event in all history.

History has a Pedagogical use: God has given us history to both remember and learn. Christian history can teach our children powerful lessons from the past and remind them who they are and where they came from.

History is Polemical: Christian history provides a great way to instruct our children about how to engage the culture around us. And how to graciously challenge rival worldviews.

We intend to cover these issues and much more in a fun and entertaining way that your family will enjoy. After all it’s our mission to encourage you to Live The Adventure!

If you have any questions about the Live The Adventure Letter or would like to make a suggestion for future articles please email us at:

Once again, welcome to the Live The Adventure Newsletter.


Bill Heid
Executive Producer

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